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Hot Mobile Israel SIM .

Multi Size SIM Card 3 In 1
pop Out the sim card size you need.

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Replace your lost or damaged Hot Mobile SIM Card

There is a one-time setup fee of $10 when the sim card is replaced.

If your line is still active and you need a new sim card with the same number you can order the new sim card on our website, you will have the same number with the same plan.

You can find all the correct account information on your Hot Mobile invoices, If you enter incorrect account detail and we need to get on the phone with you there is an additional $10 fee.

If we cannot activate the replacement sim because of credit card issues or because you have a problem with your Hot Mobile account you will need to call Hot Mobile directly for them to activate the replacement sim or we can create a new line for you .

For shipping options click here, for pickup locations click here

Before the new sim is activated you must contact your credit card company and ask them to allow charges coming from Israel from "Hot Mobile " otherwise they will decline the transaction and the signup will be delayed until you contact your credit card company.

Hot Israel is a division of "Prepaid Online" .
We are an authorized distributor for the cellular provider in Israel "
Hot Mobile" to signup new customers with their service, our company is affiliated with Hot Mobile and many other providers in Israel.
We signup tourist students and Olim with the Hot Mobile cellular service in Israel, we connect you directly with the provider in Israel so you do not need to use a rental company.

Hot Israel is based both in Israel and USA New York, Brooklyn area with a staff that can speak both English and Hebrew at a mother tongue level to help you out, Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Short term & frequent travelers should consider buying a Prepaid Israeli SIM by clicking here

Benefits you get for signing up with Hot Mobile on our website
1. we ship the sim card to any location in the world
2. we offer express shipping (USA, Canada, Israel)
3. we get you signed-up with Hot Mobile and activate the sim before you land

4. we give you support in English until the service is setup
5. we send you video tutorials to help you use the Golan account.
6. you receive an English user Guide and free gift,
 see here