Pickup Locations

Office Pickup available in 11 locations: 
♦ Borough Park - New York
♦ Marine Park - New York
♦ Staten Island - New York
♦ Monsey - New York
♦ Maryland - Baltimore
♦ Lakewood - New Jersey
♦ North Miami Beach - Florida
♦ Montréal - Canada
♦ Jerusalem - Israel - King George 
♦ London - UK 

For office pickup, you must coordinate with us AFTER you place the order.

School & Hotel Delivery via courier service

We can deliver your sim card to your hotel or school in Israel and have it awaiting your arrival. We will ship your sim directly to the hotel or school front desk via courier service and have it hand delivered within 24 hours at the front desk. your SIM card will be ready for use upon arrival when you get the package simply insert the sim card and begin use.

For the courier service delivery, we need the name at the location and full address including a contact phone number, Friday, and Saturday delivery will arrive Sunday.

You will receive an email notification when the order ships, and when the order arrives. You will know its there waiting for you and the person who signed for the package. Look for the courier service options under shopping during checkout. 

Benefits you get for signing up with Hot Mobile through us.

1. We ship the sim card to any location in the world.
2. We offer express shipping (USA, Canada, UK, Israel and more).
3. We complete the sign-up and activate the sim before you land in Israel.

4. We offer a virtual USA phone number.
5. We give you support in English.
6. We send you video tutorials to help you use the Hot Mobile account.
7. You receive an English user Guide and free gift, see here

8. Most locations will not signup tourist so we save you the hassle.