Terms & Conditions

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Hot Mobile is an Israeli company therefore the terms and conditions is only available in Hebrew, you can use Google Translate to translate the text

We highly recommend to contact your credit card company and tell them to allow the charges coming from the company “Hot Mobile” in Israel, sometimes the cc company will block charges coming from other countries and will decline the transaction when we try completing the Hot Mobile signup, this can delay the activation of your Hot Mobile sim card. Please do not use a Chase credit card for billing that starts with 4147 they usually do not work with Hot Mobile.


SIM CARD Refunds / Returns

Quality Issues:
We will be responsible for an exchange or refund if there are any product quality problems within 30 days of the Customers receiving the item. Customers may need to send the product back to us, and after confirming that the product has not been damaged on purpose, we will exchange the product or offer a refund.

NonQuality Issues:
If a customer returns a product, within 30 days after receiving it, for non-quality reasons, there will be a $7 cancellation / restock fee
Returned products should be in brand new condition with the original packaging. If any accessory or the original item was lost during the process of returning, we will deduct the price of the lost item from any refund.

Canceled orders (Before delivery)
If an order is canceled before shipment, there will be no costs incurred.

Wrong Item Delivered
After confirming the wrong item has been sent, we will exchange your item or fully have a new sim delivered in Israel were you will be staying.