About Us

“Prepaid Israeli SIM” is affiliated with Hot Mobile, we signup tourist traveling to Israel signup with Hot Mobile, we have made it possible for you to signup with the cheapest postpaid providers in Israel to get the cheapest deal available in Israel directly from the provider so you can use your mobile phone in Israel without the worry of coming home to that dreaded bill.

Hot Israel SIM has served tens of thousands of happy customers. We are proud that most customers choose to use our Israel SIM cards service again when returning to Israel. From the founders to the staff, everyone at Hot Israel SIM is a native English-speaker; well-trained, efficient, and familiar with the cellular needs of tourists traveling to Israel.

“Prepaid Israeli SIM” is the largest supplier of Israeli SIM cards for use in Israel. Prepaid Online provides its customers with a simple way to own your own Israeli cell phone number and pay local rates all with no hassle!.

We have 3 websites for Israeli prepaid and postpaid sim cards which offers the cheapest deals available in Israel for short term or long term travelers, We offer Hot Mobile and Golan Telecom postpaid sim cards for students, Olim and long term and travelers, we also offer prepaid sim cards from all the Israeli providers.

“Prepaid online” is an Israeli based company with 9 office locations in USA, Canada, and Israel. Our unique setup allows us to provide support for the individual traveler, families, and large groups before, during, and after your trip. This support includes not only the physical SIM card, but we can provide cell phones.

Let us help you relieve the complications that often come with purchasing a SIM card overseas such as; language barriers, registration and the wasted time and travel in finding a SIM card when you arrive in Israel, most locations will not even signup a tourist with Hot Mobile, these are some of the headaches we have eliminated to enhance your travel experience. Have your SIM card delivered to your home before you travel so you land in Israel with your sim card ready for use.

Have your SIM card delivered to your home before you travel to Israel

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Benefits you get for signing up with Hot Mobile through us.

1. We ship the sim card to any location in the world.
2. We offer express shipping (USA, Canada, UK, Israel, and more).
3. We complete the sign-up and activate the sim before you land in Israel.

4. We offer a virtual USA phone number.
5. We give you support in English.
6. We send you video tutorials to help you use the Hot Mobile account.
7. You receive an English user Guide and free gift, see here

8. Most locations will not signup tourist so we save you the hassle.