Hot Mobile Service FAQs

How many sim cards can I order ?
You can add as many lines as you wish to one account with the same credit card 
How to add the virtual numbers

On the order page for the sim card, you will have the option to add the virtual number for $15 per month.

With the virtual USA number people in the USA can contact you by dialing a local number instead of having to call your Israeli number and paying international rates, you can also forward your calls from your USA phone to the virtual number and get all your calls to your Israeli phone.

You can also order the virtual number separately by clicking here


Dialing and Texting International

For International Calls: Always Dial using 017 followed directly by the country code - for example, dial the USA as follows: dial 017 then 1(555)555-5555, if you dial using any other prefix you will get charged by Hot Mobile for each call. you can also use 00 or +1 prefix

For International SMS: Dial the plus + sign then the country code followed by the phone number,  for example, SMS the USA dial: +1(555)555-5555, international text with Hot Mobile is NOT free, you will get charged 0.49 NIS for each text to USA, for other countries you can pay up to 1 NIS for each text.

Checking Voicemail

Hold down the 1 key or dial *151 or 053-5353151 from your phone to access the voice mail system

Will I have 4G LTE with Hot Mobile
Yes, Hot Mobile allows all customers to join the new service in the LTE/4G network, You can connect to the 4G LTE service with any handset supported by surfing service in LTE/4G.
All Hot Mobile customers are able to enjoy the LTE/4 network, not including Kosher lines, or devices which do not support LTE 4G. For your knowledge, if you do have a device that supports 4G, you must
verify that the settings on your device are set in accordance to the ones given through this link