Company Information

Is this the Hot Mobile official website ?

We are not Hot Mobile, Hot Israel is a division of the Company "Prepaid Israeli SIM" and is affiliated with Hot Mobile since 2015.
We are an authorized distributor for Hot Mobile, we specialize in the telecom market for Tourists Students, and Olim traveling to Israel bringing you the best deal in Israel for your Cellular needs.

We signup tourist with the provider in Israel Hot Mobile and offer the option to have the SIM card delivered to your home before you travel to Israel, we only charge the shipping and handling fee when you checkout, you will have your own Hot Mobile account and the monthly service is billed to your credit card directly by Hot Mobile on the 15th of every month until you cancel the service with Hot Mobile.

We also offer Golan sim cards at and Prepaid SIM cards for Israel to short-term and frequent travelers at , If you travel to Israel for short-term visits you should consider getting a prepaid SIM card, you will have your permanent Israeli phone number without any monthly charges, you can refill the prepaid sim card online before you travel to Israel, prepaid is the best solution for travelers, visit or click here to purchase a prepaid sim card with free shipping.

Benefits you get for signing up with Hot Mobile on our website
1. we ship the sim card to any location in the world
2. we offer express shipping (USA, Canada, Israel)
3. we sign you up with Hot Mobile and activate the sim before you land

4. we set up the virtual numbers for you
5. we give you support in English
6. you receive an English user Guide and free gift,
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After the Hot Mobile sim card is activated and the signup process is complete you can cancel the Hot Mobile service at any time without paying any cancellation fee. The Hot Mobile sim will continue working until the end of the billing cycle.

Only the account owner can cancel the service with Hot Mobile!

To cancel the HOT mobile service you need contact HOT at 053-5003000 or 1-800-800-053 or *053, you can also login to your account to cancel or send a message on the Hot Mobile website by clicking here

You can also contact Hot Mobile and ask them to put the sim card on hold.

Customer Support

We are only available by phone or via email, we will call you if you request a callback and we always respond to emails within 12HR. for urgent matters, you will get an immediate response.

During the signup process and after we will give you full support to assure you are all set up and the service is fully working, after the signup process is complete you can always contact us if you have any questions about the service or if you feel we can be at any service to you, for technical support and billing issues you will need to contact Hot Mobile directly at 053-5003000 or 1-800-800-053 or *053​, Hot Mobile Telecom is your service provider and they will be at your service 6 days a week with a team that mostly speak English, (you can always ask for someone who speaks English)

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Phone 914-226-2240