Billing and Account

Billing and Account

How to cancel the service with Hot Mobile

Cancellation after the SIM is activated

You can follow the instructions below to cancel your Hot Mobile line or we can cancel the line for you with Hot Mobile for $10

To cancel the HOT mobile service you need contact HOT at 053-5003000 or 1-800-800-053 or *053 from other countries dial +972-53-5003000.

You can also cancel by sending a message request on the Hot Mobile website at  (see translation below)

the account details were emailed to you when your sim card was activated 

If you need us to contact Hot in your name to cancel your line we charge a service fee of $10  

When you place the order to cancel the line you need to enter on the checkout page the same cc details you used with Hot Mobile and you need to pay the $10 after you submit the order, the credit card details you enter will not get charged 


Which Credit Card can i use

You can sign up using a credit card from one of the countries below

Australia, Austria , Bulgaria , Belgium ,Canada, Croatia , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Estonia , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , Hungary , Ireland , Israel, Italy , Luxembourg , Malta , Netherlands , Poland , Portugal , Slovakia , Romania , Slovenia , Spain , Sweden , UK , Switzerland , USA , Argentina , Russia , Belarus and networking Palestinian Authority.

Hot Mobile does not accept credit cards from Chase starting with 4147

You need to make sure with your credit card company that the card is not blocked for international transactions.

Changing Payment Method of paying your debt

You can pay the debt and change the payment method by clicking this link

Can I Cancel my order ?

If you did not receive your sim card in the mail please make sure to notify us so we do not activate the sim card.

If you want to cancel your order with us you must contact us before the activation date you choose in your order, once we complete your order and the Hot sim card is activated you will not have the option to cancel your order with us instead you will need to cancel the plan with Hot Mobile.

After the Hot Mobile sim card is activated and the signup process is complete you can cancel the Hot service at any time without paying any cancelation fee.

Returning for a replacement and refund
1. Quality Issues:
We will be responsible for an exchange or refund if there are any product quality problems within 30 days of the Customers receiving the item. Customers may need to send the product back to us, and after confirming that the product has not been damaged on purpose, we will exchange the product or offer a refund.

2. Non Quality Issues:
If a customer returns a product, within 30 days after receiving it, for non-quality reasons, there will be a $7 Return fee on each item for shipping and handling when we sent you the item.
Returned products should be in brand new condition with original packaging. If any accessory or the original item was lost during the process of returning, we will deduct the price of the lost item from any refund.

Canceled orders (Before delivery)
If an order is canceled before shipment, there will be no costs incurred.

Wrong Item Delivered
After confirming the wrong item has been sent, we will exchange your item or fully refund the item and pay for shipping both ways.

Cancellation after the SIM is activated

After the Hot sim card is activated and the signup process is complete you can cancel the Hot Mobile service at any time with Hot Mobile without paying any cancellation fee. The Hot Mobile sim will be canceled immediately or will continue working until the end of the billing cycle on the 15th.

Only the account owner can cancel the service with Hot Mobile !

To cancel the HOT mobile service you need contact HOT at 053-5003000 or 1-800-800-053 or *053, you can also login to your account to cancel or send a message on the Hot Mobile website by clicking here

You can also contact Hot Mobile and ask them to put the sim card on hold.

How does billing work ?

With the Hot Mobile plan, you pay a set monthly service fee of 55 NIS including VAT (approx.$15), if you use any services not included in the plan Hot Mobile will add the extra charges to your monthly bill. Billing is prorated.

Hot Mobile charges a one-time setup fee of 19NIS on the day the sim card is activated; after you will get charged the monthly service fee of 55NIS on the 15th of each month for the coming month. 

The Hot Mobile billing cycle ends on the 15th.

After 2 years the price will change to 79 Shekel per month, you can then contact Hot Mobile to change the plan for a different plan that is on sale at that time.

You can cancel the service anytime without paying any cancellation fee.

Can I change my plan

You can change your plan anytime by logging into your Hot Mobile account online or by calling Hot Mobile at 053-5003000 or 1-800-800-053 or *053, the new plan will take effect starting from the next billing cycle.

Plans that are on sale expire after 2 years and will change to the 79 shekel plan per month, you can contact Hot mobile to change the plan before the price change or contact us if you want to change providers to find a cheaper deal 



Can I put the line on hold

You can put the line on hold by calling Hot Mobile at 053-5003000 or 1-800-800-053 or *053